Fastek Italia is an hi-tech company leader in the world. The know-how of Fastek is vailable for Custom design of systems and sub-assy, the engineers have the best skill to solve complex problems.

Fastek Italia is a team of Italian designer involved to develop high technologies systems.

Fastek Italia follows his Customer for all their problems, like:

  • To define requirements.
  • To realize ideas.
  • To find solutions.
  • To build prototype.
  • To verify the project.
  • To test the systems.
  • To organize Test equipment.
  • To elaborate documentation.
  • To produce the series.

Fastek Italia has the skill to execute the reverse engineering just to replicate obsolete parts of system or/and to maintain systems and sub-assy, when no documentation is available. Fastek is a global repair and calibration center for several kind of electronic items and sensor.

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