Fastek Italia is an hi-tech company leader in the world. The know-how of Fastek is available for Custom design of systems and sub-assy, the engineers have the best skill to solve complex problems.

Fastek Italia is a team of Italian designer involved to develop high technologies systems.

Fastek Italia follows his Customer for all their problems, like:

  • To define requirements.
  • To realize ideas.
  • To find solutions.
  • To build prototype.
  • To verify the project.
  • To test the systems.
  • To organize Test equipment.
  • To elaborate documentation.
  • To produce the series.

Fastek Italia has the skill to execute the reverse engineering just to replicate obsolete parts of system or/and to maintain systems and sub-assy, when no documentation is available. Fastek is a global repair and calibration center for several kind of electronic items and sensor.

Fastek Italia is an italian design team of integrated devices. Fastek’s skills are for develop of hardware schematic , firmware uC, harness, app for mobile systems connected remotely with server side with IOT, MTTQ, rest API with the control of connected integrated hardware via Bluetooth, NFC, LAN wifi.

Fastek manufactures prototypes and small series starting component purchase campaigns for lead time and cost or managing subcontracted components, creates test benches for functional checks and qualification plans to support CE and environmental qualifications in general such as thermal stress, humidity, shock and vibrations

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